I like to think and I don't smoke weed.


Motivational quotes

Ready to reevaluate my progression with the intuition
Don’t need a religion to find my region
Yes, it’s needed
They’re saying to be more concise 
I’m saying they should be more conscious 
Get rid of the nonsense 
This life ain’t a contest
Everyone treats it like a test
Forget we’re blessed to manifest
Always try your best to invest
On the memory of all stories
Leading us to glory
Gonna make history
Get our victory 
Drill through the misery
Not end up in a penitentiary 
Remember to acknowledge the fall 
Punch through the wall
Instead of crawling up in a ball 
That’s how you’ll miss your call
Look for clearness become fearless
And if you’re mixed up with the Feds get rid of the drugs
They’ll squish you like a bug
Stop feeling untrue and be you
To go through this beautiful view
Evolve into one of the few
That can take in the truth 
Initiate your favorite time to make a dime
Grow with the trees to feel some kind of peace
They’ve been here for centuries
What have they seen?
What is their destiny? 
Do they feel gratified with the way we go on with our day? 
Do they understand the pain that stays in my veins and rises to my brain? 
Managing my imagining to see them happening
Done relapsing
Gonna start overlapping my strategy
This is my reality not a fantasy 
Ain’t trying to face a tragedy 
Then I’ll lose my sanity
All I wanna do is help humanity not just a variety
Deep is the subject I don’t want any interruption 
Wonder about the malfunction 
Why can’t we function
Probably cause we keep being judged
Making us wanna run and say we’re done 
But don’t give up 
Land on your plan
Then you’ll stand
Be there for your family 
To keep them from stressing 
They need your blessings
To help there destiny
Create memories
Change the scenery 
Enlighten the mind by being with your own mankind
They might change your rhyme or relate to one line
Take a chance as fast as an avalanche
Spread love to those that don’t get enough 
They get high just to get by
Their friends become lies
Wish they could fly
Not worry about a dime
They don’t realize 
Times being wasted when you’re getting faded
You’ll start to feel dated
With an empty bank
How you gonna fill up the tank
When you’re to focused on your rank-POSIPHER


Kew Mae Pan by anekphoto on Flickr.

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